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The AzfastTM Az-Foam is a self-expanding, one component polyurethane foam use for filling cavities, break-throughs, crack and voids, sealing, bonding, insulate, stop air infiltration and deaden sound.

Backer Rod

The Azfast™ backer rod consist of directly extruded Polyethylene foam of very fine closed cell structure giving best results in vast range of applications.

Cast-In Anchor

The Azfast™ Cast in anchor is a heavy duty tube insert, thick-walled with perforated flat end and is designed for preplanned fastening in concrete. The anchor provides internally threaded metal holes in precast, pre-stressed or poured inplace concrete.

Drop-In Anchor

The AzfastTM Drop In anchor is an internally threaded anchor, which is preassembled with an internal expansion plug. The stepped setting tools allows for correct anchor setting. The anchor is designed to deliver consistent holding load at shallow embedment depth.

E400st Epoxy Adhesive

The E400ST Epoxy Adhesive is a two component structural epoxy which is packaged in engineered plastic cartridges. It is used with a designed dispenser tool and proportional through a static mixing nozzle. The epoxy used is a high performance resin which meet or exceeds ASTM C881-90 type II standard.

Gas Actuated Fasterning Tool

Upon firing, the strip pin is designed to stop midway at a precise point. On its way into steel, it compresses the collation strip make it "ballon out" to increase the bearing surface against the track. This will create an excellent secure fixing.

ND Plasterboard Anchor

The Azfast™ ND anchor is a special anchor that is designed for fast fixing on Gypsum plasterboard.