Anchoring System

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Cast-In Anchor

The Azfast™ Cast in anchor is a heavy duty tube insert, thick-walled with perforated flat end and is designed for preplanned fastening in concrete. The anchor provides internally threaded metal holes in precast, pre-stressed or poured inplace concrete.

Drop-In Anchor

The AzfastTM Drop In anchor is an internally threaded anchor, which is preassembled with an internal expansion plug. The stepped setting tools allows for correct anchor setting. The anchor is designed to deliver consistent holding load at shallow embedment depth.

E400st Epoxy Adhesive

The E400ST Epoxy Adhesive is a two component structural epoxy which is packaged in engineered plastic cartridges. It is used with a designed dispenser tool and proportional through a static mixing nozzle. The epoxy used is a high performance resin which meet or exceeds ASTM C881-90 type II standard.

ND Plasterboard Anchor

The Azfast™ ND anchor is a special anchor that is designed for fast fixing on Gypsum plasterboard.

Nylon Anchor

The Azfast™ Nylon anchor is manufactured from a tough and durable Nylon-6, and is preassembled with a zinc plated or stainless steel drive screw. The reinforced head holds the fixture firmly in place. This anchor is suitable for all masonry and concrete base materials.

Sleeve Anchor

The Azfast™ Sleeve anchor is a general purpose all steel anchor and is designed for use in both masonry and concrete base materials.

Wedge Anchor

The Azfast™ wedge anchor is a torque controlled, wedge expansion anchor which is designed for consistent performance. Its suitable for application in concrete and grout-filled concrete masonry.